Alpine Quilt Group

We had our monthly Alpine quilt group meeting last night and our own Jina Barney was asked to be the quest speaker. It was interesting to see and hear about her quilting journey as she presented her 50 plus quilts. Jina is one of the original members of this Alpine quilt group that was started 20 years ago by a handful of ladies that wanted to learn the art of quilting. They met frequently at the little red church on main street in Alpine. We still meet at this church, but now this Alpine quilt group ranges from 50-70 people monthly. Anyone is welcome to attend. I am amazed at the talent in this small corner of the world. There are some truly incredible women that make award winning quilts. We are always treated to a show and tell each month.


This is Jina’s polka dot quilt every piece of fabric is a polka dot.


Jina is an expert at applique, here is the quilt she made for her son after he received his Eagle award.


This one is my favorite of the night.

Jina talked about her quilts, but also spent a little time on the process of manufacturing fabric ….specifically Riley Blake Design fabric. Jina and I work with our artists to get their artwork to production. She designs all of our free project sheets and has her own line of clothing patterns for children. Jina is always upbeat and creative and we are glad to have her part of Riley Blake Designs.


Back at work. Here is Jina with her latest quilt and our latest fabric..”Be Merry. Yes!! If you have been waiting for this line you should have your fabric any day because all preorders have been shipped. Notice my little side kick Eli …the child with the missing tooth.

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