Riley Blake News

Wanna be a Cowboy news….. due to circumstances beyond our control this line has been delayed for another week. That sounded way too calm..(scream) …..seriously, we can’t wait to get our hands on this fabric, we have many projects to make before quilt market! Thanks for your patience, and “Wanna be a Cowboy” will ship out as soon as possible.

Speaking of fabrics we would like to get our hands on, here is a sample of “Bloom and Grow” by Zoe. Another great line from our friends at My Minds Eye. Look for a delivery date the end of October.


Shari Butler made this cute pillow out of our “Bloom and Grow” strike-offs. She embellished it with our own Riley Blake velvet ric-rac…. which, as planned, is a perfect color match. Shari used the green, orange and brown ric-rac.

Who is Shari Butler? Shari Butler is the founder and designer of Doohikey designs, who just happens to have designed our last fabric line of 2009….”Sublime”. We are going to end the year with a bang. “Sublime” has it all… bright, rich, bold colors combined with an absolutely unique style. This line will be available the end of November.

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