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What a busy day! We received 4 sets of strike-offs, plus a few friends brought their Sublime projects by to display……It was like Christmas morning for Jina and I. Our strike-offs are almost perfect! I can’t wait to share….and since my husband bought me a new camera and my son finally showed me how to upload photos quickly… Why wait?
First, I wanted to show off the necklaces I had made for all the gals that went to quilt market. This small fabric swatch is from our”Sublime” line.


This beautiful quilt was made and designed by Jina. It is called “Bodacious Baskets” and the pattern is in our “Eye Candy” quilt book.


Look at the beautiful applique border.


Apron made by Toni; my friend, our southern Utah sales rep (with hubby-Vard) and expert seamstress. I have known Toni forever, she even made my Wedding dress.



Computer bag from our “Eye candy” quilt book. I know I am partial to pink so below is our samples of each colorway of our “Sublime” line. There is a cream and a dark brown colorway (I know it looks black on the photo, but it is a really yummy dark chocolate color) Can you tell I love this line and all the funky designs. We are patiently awaiting the arrival of this line, which is supposed to be tomorrow. Cross your fingers.


Yes, I am like a kid in the candy store with my new camera. Here is more….

Wheels due out in January….Love this retro boys line. These are actually flannel samples.


Love the map print.


Andrea Victoria…….Wow, could not be happier with these strike-offs.



Rainy Days and Monday Strike-offs are fabulous too. Everyone who came in today wanted to check this line out.


Still a big fan of the raindrop squares…….


We also have summer song…but I will show that later.

Well that is all for now…Have a Great Thanksgiving.

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