Fabulous Fudge


We hope you all are enjoying the holidays. I for one have been enjoying them a little too much. I have been wearing my new exercise pants for few days….forget about exercising, elastic waste bands come in handy when there is a lot of food around. Ok too much information (TMI) I know. Since I am starting my post holiday diet on Monday, I made Sublime Fudge today. It is so fabulous that I had it for dinner. The recipe is in our Eye Candy quilt book and it was created by Kim Goeckeritz. Kim is a fantastic cook and it took her a month to perfect the recipe; and honestly it is so smooth, you will never taste a better fudge. Kim has always brought fudge to work for us to sample, so I have never actually had to make the recipe until today(I just made sure I let Kim know I needed to taste test the fudge every couple of weeks). I really needed a chocolate fix today, and the fudge turned out perfect….so to everyone that has our eye candy quilt book make the fudge, you will love it. Note there are 11 ingredients listed. Honestly when I read that many ingredients in a recipe my eyes usually glaze over and I turn the page, but the recipe was surpisingly easy. Until Monday….

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