Summer Song Sun Dresses

Melissa Stamel is our featured Course Instructor at Cutting Corners College this month. Melissa has created a pattern for any size Child or Adult using an existing dress! Very ingenious. Visit Cutting Corners to view Melissa’s step by step instructions.


These gals are ready for Summer! Check out Melissa’s youngest daughters rain boots.

Love it.


Thanks Melissa!

T minus 17 days until Spring Market. Jina and and I have been busy cutting fabric for quilt Market. “Felicity” and “Boo to you” arrived yesterday. We are a little behind on sewing and are so grateful to everyone that is making projects for our booth. Jina and I just got back form Korea…visiting our factory. And I can’t help but take a moment to talk about our trip.

We are so impressed with our manufacturing facility. Everyone at the factory was very professional, helpful and proud of what they do. They work regular 9-5 hours. The language barrier was a bit of a problem, but body language goes a long way. I know it sounds ridiculous but I had to constantly stop myself from speaking spanish. Not that I really can speak spanish, in fact my husband reminds me that the Koreans could probably understand my spanish as well has anyone from Mexico could… sad but probably true. Spanish is my wanna be second language.

Jina and I felt like we had an entourage the entire day. We were greeted at the entrance and made to feel very welcome. We toured the facility and observed fabric in the process of printing. It is amazing to watch. I took some video and would love to post it in the future. The facility was extremely clean. I don’t know if the factory workers were wearing their best for us, but they all wore collared shirts with a jacket that looked like a company uniform. We watched the process of making fabric from the beginning to the end. I must admit that now that I know exactly where our fabric is made, I feel even more proud of our Riley Blake Designs product and grateful to all the hands that help in the process.

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