Nantucket Summer

Nantucket Summer arrived yesterday. If you preordered this line you should have it. I was visiting a local quilt store today and it did my heart good to see one of their customers with an arm full Nantucket Summer fabric. Here is our Free Quilt pattern for this line. To download the pattern navigate to our website’s main page click on “Notions” then click on “Free quilt patterns”. It is so beautiful made up, I will post a picture of the actual quilt soon….this is why I love this quilt.

My husband and I used to live on the east coast. We never made it to Nantucket, but one year for our anniversary we did stay a few days on Martha’s Vineyard. It was delightful. A picture perfect place, so I can only imagine what Nantucket is like. Walking along the narrow streets and seeing all the beautiful flowers at this quaint seaside village, we visited several of the shops along our way. A few of the shops had small Nantucket baskets for sale. Like quilting, basket weaving is an art form and I could really appreciate the workmanship of these master basket weavers. A small hand held basket started at $1200, so this quilt pattern is our “ode” to Nantucket baskets and a Nantucket (Martha’s vineyard!) summer.


* Our warehouse will be closed next week, so if you are looking to have anything shipped out soon call between now and Friday.

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