We are Back

We are back from vacation. Our family visits Jackson Hole, Wyoming every year and I am always taken back from the beauty of the Grand Tetons.


Here is one of the most photographed barns in America. This is Moulton Barn on Mormon row and with the Tetons as a background it is Amazing!


I could not help but take a picture of this big guy in Yellowstone Park.  Bison are just so enormous.  Look at the crazy man in the background, I am not sure I want anything wild that weighs a ton that close to me.  I was in the car with a telephoto lens and that guy was only 10 feet away from the bison.


We thought when we took a trip to Jackson that we would take a break from fabric. We had a nice surprise when we visited the annul art show downtown in Jackson Hole.  I love art shows.  I love to mill around from booth to booth. This is were we saw our fabrics for sale in finished products byMountain aven baby. These gals have adorable handmade items. I bought this baby bib out of Summer Song and a skirt out of Rainy Days. I went back to buy a few more items but they had sold almost everything made out of Riley Blake the first day.  Kudos Mountain aven Baby!

But now back to work…wishing for a vacation after the vacation…however….Zippers arrived today!  The colors are the best, Fantastic! (Yes that was a nod to one of my favorite movie’s Nacho Libre)

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