Laminate News

Laminate is coming sooner than later.   Our first line of laminate was scheduled to arrive in May, with Lila Tueller’s line Lola’s posies. However, our sales reps were getting restless because they wanted samples of laminate to show at their sales appointments now not in May. Sugar and Spice just happened to be in production at the factory when we called… so we had yardage made for our sales reps plus a little more for us to sell.  We received the samples today and they are gorgeous.  The colors are fantastic (Thanks Amanda) and the laminate is so soft and supple… like butter.  It will not be available until March, but you can preorder.  When it’s gone it’s gone.

Here are the two prints we had made of the main.

Here are 2 of the secondary prints we had made.


And we could not choose between the dots, so we had all three made.


Lila Tuller is working on patterns with laminate. Izzy and Ivy already have a child’s raincoat/jacket pattern made out of cotton, but it would work with our Laminate fabric. Amanda- The Quilted Fish- is also working on a few patterns of her own using Laminate. And yes we distrubute all three ladies patterns. We are excited about this new Riley Blake Designs product and hope you are too.

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