Inspired Winners

Thanks for all of your comments!  We loved reading each and every one.  Cross my heart I did not cherry pick any winners, but I loved the comment in particular about being a foster care giver.  Anyone who opens their home to children in need, is a Hero to me and deserves to win. Congrats!

Here are the winners 1-6:

1. Posted by Kari Feb. 11   “I get inspired by fabric, other quilters, and just because. Some of the best ideas just come out of seemingly thin air.”

2. Posted by Deb Feb 11th
“I read tons of quilting blogs, designer blogs, and company fabric blogs…so much inspiration from all of them. Also quilt-alongs inspire me, and I love to participate. debgiro at wildblue dot net.”

3. Posted by Kay posted Feb.14th   “I am a foster carer for young children and they are my inspiration. I love creating toys, playthings and clothes for each of them.”

4. Posted by babychaser Feb.21
“I’m coming of a 6+ year sewing break (for the most part). My oldest is 4, my youngest is 6 months and I have an almost 3 year old in the middle. And I’ve chosen now to get back into it. Especially quilting and small quilt projects. And I’ve got the bug bad. Lately my inspiration is coming primarily from my baby boy’s clothes. Just about each time I put something on him I have a visual of how those colors could (and should) come together for a baby boy quilt for someone. Sadly, all the babies being born around here these days are girls. I guess I’ll have a great gift stash for the next wave of births!”   

5. Posted by Deonn Feb 23
“I see quilts everywhere! One morning it was a hot air balloon floating above my neighborhood that looked like a bargello quilt! I see a quilt designs in a tile floor, or it may be a man’s shirt at the post office. Most recently, I used a poster that my daughter had made as the inspiration for a cheery wall hanging. Most often though, the inspiration and clues for a project come from the design, colors and shapes used in the fabric its self. Yes, fabrics speak to me!”

6. Posted by Jenne Feb. 13 “I’m inspired by the fabric, by need, an by the things I see around me.”
If you see your post listed send an email to with your name and address.   And thanks again for everyone’s comments.  Keep reading….more give-aways to come!

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