Cyndi Walker


We welcome Cyndi Walker to our design team.  When we saw her artwork last year, we knew it would make great fabric.  We were right, Daydream just arrived and we love it.

Cyndi lives in Washington State, so we don’t get to see her very often, but she will be at Quilt Market in May.   I asked Cyndi to send me some information about her and this is what she had to say….

As long as I remember, I have been crafting, drawing and generally doing anything artsy   I could get my hands on. I come from a family of artists on just about every side, so picking up a crayon and some spare paper to start drawing wasn’t par for the course you might say. This love of crafting and art brought me to where I am today – designing fabric for Riley Blake, crating quilts and writing books and patterns for quilters.

I started quilting about seven years ago and after my very first quilt class I was hooked. It wasn’t long before I started designing my own quilts and started my business Stitch Studios shortly after that. My quilting style takes a new look at traditional quilting blocks and mixes them up applique and fresh, modern colors to create a new take on them. I have a penchant for stars paired with simpler favorite blocks of mine like the four-patch and shoo-fly. It is so much fun exploring new ideas and my spare time here and there is spent doodling in books and scrap pieces of paper to capture new fabric ideas and applique themes. Don’t be surprised if you find me sketching little birds and such – you might just find it a quilt someday!

Most my inspiration comes from color, and I would have to say it’s just about my favorite part of the design process, right up there with picking out fabrics for quilts. My stash is full of my favorite fabrics and colors, and sifting through them is just like having my very own quilt shop in my studio.

With all this activity in my life, my family is my biggest support system and I couldn’t do it  every day without them! From daily support, mail runs, pattern orders and even quilt making, what would I do without them and their constant “You can do it!” attitude. So a big thank you to them! My dogs Otis and Ginger even get in on the action keeping my company while sewing and making sure there is time for play.

My first line for Riley Blake, Daydream, is truly that. One day I started thinking about what I would design if I were creating my very own fabric line. That idea grew and grew until I got up the gumption to start putting all my ideas on paper and crafted into a collection. What a joy ride, and truly a dream come true for me.


Below is a picture of our free project sheet for Daydream.

*Remember there are free project sheets to download for each of for our fabric lines.


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