Meet Deena Rutter



Deena is well known in the scrapbook world and now you can find your designs on fabric. She created“Love birds” and “Penny lane” with My Minds Eye and now “Happier” is Deena’s first independent fabric line.

We are so glad to have Deena part of our Design team. Here is Deena in her own words….

Since I was a young girl, I have always needed a creative outlet to express myself. Whether it is through painting, playing the piano and guitar, decorating my home, or graphic designing, artistic expression brings me much fulfillment. I have been designing for the craft industry since 1999. Much of my inspiration comes from nature, music, and architecture.

I first began designing in the craft industry by taking some chances.  Setting up an appointment with a creative director of a large craft company and showing her some doodles led to stickers and and paper pads.  With no formal design training, I learned as I went along.  I wanted the chance to design diecuts for the same company.  This meant working my way through Adobe Illustrator as I went along.  I began to love using my computer as a means to produce my design work as well.  Another opportunity came to design scrapbook paper.  This was exciting enough for me that I began working with Adobe Photoshop, once again learning something new with each project.  I was challenged to bring what I had imagined onto my computer screen.  My doodles began to turn into actual surface prints worthy of the digital scrapbook consumer, as well as the scrapbook store shelves.

One of the many perks of designing with the well-known scrapbook company, My Minds Eye, has been their affiliation with Riley Blake Fabrics. This gave me a foot in to the fabric industry, that can be very hard to come by. It has been such a privilege and a treat to work with the people of Riley Blake.

I come from a long line of quilters and seamstresses.  My grandmother, mother, and all three of my sisters sew countless quilts and receiving blankets each year.  I am happy to be making my contribution to the fabric world with my own fabric designs. Fabric is such a versatile medium with the possibilities seeming endless.

Since I am completely right-brained, it is only fitting that I would find my compliment on the other side of the spectrum. I married a Biochemistry professor. We have three great boys and one sweet little girl. We hope our different talents will help our children be more well-rounded than we seem to be.

I currently live on an amazing little circle in Salt Lake City, Utah. When I am not designing, I love being out with the kids. Some of my other interests include exercising outdoors, playing the piano and guitar, and I love all sorts of music genres. I have some sort of affinity to the singer songwriters of the 70s…maybe because it is the decade of my birth. Music is a big part of my inspiration. A big perk to my job includes getting to listen to my own musical selections while I design.

I have always hoped my designs will inspire a creativity in others. I believe we all have a creative spark within us, waiting to be displayed.  Sometimes we design fabric, sometimes we sew a quilt that we share with someone, sometimes we need to be creative in our friendships or child rearing.  If we all share our unique creativity with one another, what a great inspiring world we would live in.


  Here is our free quilt pattern for “Happier”, available for download.


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