We hope everyone had a great weekend and Mothers Day.

We enjoyed visiting HMQS this past week and seeing all the truly amazing quilts.

It is the second year in a row that we sponsored the quilt challenge and here is a few pictures of the quilts ready for auction.  Lila Tueller’s Isabella fabric line was used in the challenge and it is always interesting to see what each quilter does with the same fabric.

I love an auction, especially when it is for a good cause. This is the third place quilt that I won the bid on, which is now hanging up at our warehouse.  You can’t see the details in this photo, but the stippling on the black background is incredible.





That is just a taste of a few quilts. I was too busy bidding to take pictures of all the quilts. I am sad to say that I did not even get a photo of the second place quilt that went for a whopping $975, the largest amount of the day.

I did however get a picture of the first place quilt shown below.  I love this quilt…sorry you have to turn your head sideways. I will have to work on turning up right tomorrow if I can get my photo shop to work. I love the creativity of this 3D quilt with actual feathers on the hat.


We will be there again next year…so come join me for the auction.

Visiting to booths at the HMQS show I took a couple of pictures of Lori Holts new quilts that were shown in Material Girls booth.  For those of you attending Quilt Market, you will be able to see these beautiful quilts this weekend in our booth.



I love the tea cups and plates…so cute.

Quilt Market is almost here and if you have not heard about “All Dolled Up in Salt Lake City” visit our blog tomorrow to get the details.

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