Quilt Market Recap

We loved having Quilt Market in our home town.  It made us want to put on our best show for Salt Lake City and let everyone know what Riley Blake Designs is all about. Here is the front of our booth featuringHoo’s in the Forest by Doohikey Designs set to be released in June.


Jina had the idea to create a tree with our Riley Blake fabric after seeing a fabric tree in a magazine. We have been plotting, planning and waiting for Quilt market to come to Salt Lake City to create a fabric tree, complete with fabric leaves, a fabric birds nest and hanging lights.  There was no way to ship this beast to any other market.


How to make it? There is an actual tree under the fabric. While I was driving around town, I was lucky to find the perfect cherry tree that had been cut down.  It took us a few days to wrap the tree in fabric and about the same amount of time to create the leaves.  I used an Accuquilt machine to cut out the leaves, which saved us so much time. I am so glad to say that this tree has a new home in a store that will be opening up soon in Logan Utah, it is called “My girlfriends quilt shop”. I was thrilled to give it away to someone who wanted to display it…it was too much work not to have it displayed somewhere.


We showed off the beach cruiser bike that we will be giving away in less than a month to an apparel item…be sure to enter our contest before the end of May.

Have you noticed how much we like pink at RBD.  My husband always complains that he is surrounded by girly designs so I designed a booth just for him, his own Man Cave.




We did display two of our new lines Play ball and Back Country in the booth. What really surprised me is how much this space got used by men sitting down to watch one of our Manly videos, enjoying a bag of chips and a bottled water.



One such gentleman came up and shook my hand for providing him a booth to relax in. Notice our guest with a mustach in the back that was dressed up in a local NBA jersey, the Utah Jazz. His name is “Stellar” and is a cousin to Lila Tueller’s “Stella” that was in her booth a few years back.

This is our Sew Cherry display, Lori Holts debut line.  It was a huge hit at market.


Pirates the movie is being released on Friday good timing for Emily taylor’s new fabric which is also called Pirates.  Watch for it in stores in June.


Here is the long awaited much anticipated Farm Fresh by October Afternoon, set to arrive Early July.



We also showed off our new display for stores for “Sew Together” items.


And so receiving a First place ribbon for our booth made us all feel very proud of our booth and what we have accomplished the last 2 plus years. Thanks to everyone who supports Riley Blake Designs!



I will post more pictures of quilt market tomorrow.




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