Where Women Create 2011

Here is the three of us from RBD,  Lyea, Me and Jina.   What a day connecting with so many talented women.


It was nice to end with a Dinner with new friends….


These are the ladies at our table…Chris Anne, Megan’s Mom, Shannon.

Below:Shannon, Megan and Emma of Princess Lasertron.


Get inspired by new reading material….


It was a pleasure listening to the life story of Cristina Ferrare, first keynote speaker of the evening. She currently has her own cooking show on OWN and is featured on the magazine cover of Where Women Cook.  Her new book is entitled Bowl full of Love.


Holly Becker, the second speaker of the night, is the blogger of Decor 8. She just came out with a book called Decorate and shared many inspiring stories from her interesting life.


It was a fantastic evening and we have Jo Packman to Thank. Jo is the women behind Where Women Create, Where Women Cook and The Creative Connection Event. A Utah gal herself.


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