Messy Monday!

I hope everyone had a glorious weekend.  Mine ended a little too soon.  I was able to visit my son at the University he is currently attending for parents weekend.  It was a beautiful fall weekend and he is really doing OK without me.  I am catching up on laundry and look what a mess I pulled out of my dryer.  Is this what you call a job hazard?


What can you do but laugh and post a picture to share…life  gets a little messy at times.

Jina and I are busy getting ready for Southern Women’s Show in Orlando this week and of course Quilt Market is just two weeks away.  Come by a say Hello if you are going to either event.

We are providing two demos at the Southern Women’s show…Accessorizing with zippers and Yo Yo fun.  The classes are free for 50 lucky people per class.  We are teaching how to make zipper flowers and how to make fabric Yo Yos.  Everything is provided and you will come a way with a handmade lanyard with zipper flower and a Yo Yo fabric wristlet.



DSC_0609_JPG_600x600_q85 (1)

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