Southern Women’s Show day 2

We had a great second day (Saturday for us) at the Southern Women’s Show, teaching how to make zipper flowers.


Some ladies attended our Yo Yo making class the day before and came back for the zipper class. Others only came for zipper flowers….(Handmade fabric lanyards were provided)









… everyone had a good time learning a new technique. And Jina and I really enjoyed meeting these ladies.


This sweet girl reminded me that no one is too young to start crafting.


And how about this picture of Lacy (From Where Women Create booth) she rolled her lanyard around her wrist with the zipper flower on top. Nice fashion statement.

Just when we thought the night was over…we noticed that there was a crowd of women gathering at the front of a stage on the opposite side of our stage. Of course we were curious, then we heard the music and it was obvious we were not in Kansas anymore. Firemen came out in their uniforms and started dancing to the music for tips. Let it be known that this event was to raise Money for children, but I think I was blushing when they were working the crowd. Just as the shirts were coming off Jina and I realized it was a really good time to shop at the booths since everyone busy on the stage. LOL.


Thanks Orlando for an entertaining weekend.

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