One last word on our Florida trip.  “Steampunk”….raise your hand if you have ever heard the word “steampunk”. Until last weekend I had not heard it either… then I met two sisters, Kitty and Jennifer.  They are the authors of this new book Steampunk Chic,  http://www.oneilsisters.com/   Their book teaches how to use vintage finds like keys, gears,  old clocks etc. and incorporate them in home decor items.


No they did not invent the word.  It is even found on wikipedia:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steampunk.  

It is a particular look that was brought about from the 1980s.  What does that have to do with Riley Blake?  I am glad you asked because we have steampunk fabric. Let me show you a few prints. This is from Mod tod…by Sheri Berry. These gears are an example of steampunk fashion.


Take a look at a few prints from Grandma’s house, these keys are also an examples of steampunk chic. (This line will arrive next month along with Mod Tod)



Now that you know, look around, and you will see steampunk everywhere.

We want to thank the Bernina Sewing Centre www.sewithappens.com located in Lake Mary, Florida for making table runner kits with Riley Blake fabric which were sold at the Where Women Create booth.  We are going to have a give-away soon for one of those table runner kits.

We also saw many Riley Blake Designs products in The Sewing Studio Fabric Superstore booth.  Their store is located in Maitland, Florida. http://www.sewing.net/. There were so many nice people working in their booth that love Riley Blake fabric.


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