sunflower pincushion tutorial

Sunflower Pincushion Tutorial!

Lean this way, pin – keep
( a no sew project)
by Mdm Samm
I saw my first field of Sunflowers  in the Southern
part of Vendee, which is not far from Provence.
I went to school in France, I was 11 years old when
the sisters of the order took us to view a miracle.
It was a field of sunflowers, it was approaching
11:00 am. I remember because we always had
prayers at noon before lunch.
The sisters shared with us all that we
would be touched by this beauty that would
last a lifetime. I have to admit they were right!
Every sunflower was facing the sun…on close inspection
there was one that was facing at an angle. Not sure
“she” wanted to join in just yet…Sister Rejeanne
whispered in my ear…. “You are like that sunflower,
always a bit different”.  Somethings just stay with you.
When asked to join in the Riley Blake Designs  PINCUSHION club
I knew right away what I was going to create.
A sunflower!
Although I love colour, I always seem to lean
to 2-3 colours only …Good for all of you  since I am pretty sure
many of you have some black, white, and yellows in your stash..
I chose this gingham yellow from the Fly A Kite Collection
and the solid black from the Tuxedo line.

You will need less than 1/2 fat quarter of each.
You will need a flan tin or cookie cutter,
1  floral foam ball. ( purchase whole at Michael’s, and you cut it
in half using a very sharp bread knife-
sew you can make 2, same price if you just purchase 1/2)
Presencia thread in yellow for French Knots , I used a variegated.
a glue gun to glue it all together….
No sewing, except for the french knots…
( there is a  self covered button there…I was thinking
of using instead of french knots..some of you could do that 
too if french knots are not your thing)
I ended up doing french knots..
Outline your tin with a white pencil and then
add 4 inches around the diameter.
You will need that when you stitch the circle
and cinch it around your half floral foam.
It will cover the bottom completely.
 Now fold your circle into quarters and finger press.
Open it up and draw a 2inch in diameter circle.
Now using Presencia Finca 8 variegated thread
make some french knots to fill that circle.
Now cut 2.5 inch strips, and sew 2 together..
You only want to have 1 seam. Now fold towards
the middle, sew your seams are touching the centre
strip. Next, wrap around flan tin or cookie cutter,
you want to see the shape and wrapping it very tight
will make it easier when you add the floral foam.
Cut 2.5″ wof of gingham and 1.5″ wof of solid black.
Fold in half press, and then fold 2 pleats.
stitch, fold 2 pleats again and stitch. and repeat
for both gingham and black. ( Ok, you can use
your machine if you want to) lol

These will be your petals, and of course they are ruffled..
I added the black to the outside of the gingham, take
a peak at pic again. I will wait….

Now you will stitch around the edges with just a loose
stitch, stitch your whole circle piece; the piece  you added
all your french knots to. Pull it as tight as you can,
and if you have a label, stitch that on to cover
your gathered piece.

Smooth it out as much as you can, you will have enough
to smooth it out, if you followed the 4 inch rule..

It should fit in perfectly, before you add your ruffle.
Use your glue gun and add a thin strip of glue
around the base and secure it to your tin or cookie cutter.
I used some tweezers and two of my  strips of ruffles
and tucked them inside the tin and  flower foam ball…
and voila!

I added a bow…gotta have a bow,
and some pins, and a PIN it flag….

I hope you will lean into this one.
She is easy to make and I won’t tell you how
long it took me….( I made a few before I got it the way I wanted it
for you) suffice to say, it will take you no where near that time….
Less than an hour!

Thank you for asking me to participate in the
PINcushion club…

Do you have a sunflower story?

My best

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