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Robot Dog Softie Tutorial!

Jean Kake here from the Quilted Cupcake, excited to share my free dog softie tutorial.

Inspired by the fun Puppy Park Collection from Riley Blake, I decided to combine two of my favorite things to create a Robot Dog – I call him RBRD. He’s easy to make, and you don’t have to oil, feed or walk him!

Robot Dog Softie Supply List

Riley Blake Fabrics,  need 2 different fabrics in 1/4 yard each

Riley Blake Cotton Solids, 1/2 yard

Fusible Lightweight interfacing

Brown felt, white felt (one sheet each)

Pipe Cleaner

Assorted Buttons

Embroidery Floss and Needle

Matching thread, Sewing Machine

Poly-fil stuffing

Pattern for Ears, Body – download free here 

Step one:  Following free pattern download, cut out all pieces.

Step two:
Iron fusible interfacing to wrong side of front piece.
Step three:
Sew bone pocket pieces, right sides together on three sides.  Turn, fold in raw edge and sew top edge closed.
Step four:
Following example photos for placement, use embroidery floss to add button embellishments and inner stitching to face and button panels.  Important: don’t do the outer line of stitching yet!
Step Five:
Create arms by ironing brown strips in half.  Tuck in about 1/8 inch on each side to make a finished edge. Iron again, and sew around all 4 sides of each tube.  Put a knot in the end of each arm/leg to create “paws.”
Step Six:

Using photo example for placement, pin arms and legs in place.  Sew each in place with machine.

Step Seven:
Flip the legs out of the way, and first machine stitch each accent to front piece with matching thread (follow photo example).  Be sure to leave the top of the bone pocket open.  Then, add hand stitching with embroidery floss to each piece.
Step Eight:
Pin front and back pieces, right sides together.  Sew on three sides, leaving the entire top open.  Hint: you may want to pin the arms and legs to the middle of the dog before you begin to be sure they don’t end up in your seams.
To make it extra strong, I sew around once with a straight stitch, then a second time with a zig zag stitch.  This helps to ensure his stuffing all stays inside!
Clip the bottom two corners, and turn right side out.  Use a chopstick to poke out the corners, making them nice and square and robot-like.
Step Nine:
Using poly-fil, stuff well.
Step Ten:
Create the antenna by wrapping a 6 inch piece of pipe cleaner around a pencil.
Step Eleven:
Pin the top together, placing the antenna in the middle.

Step Twelve:
Carefully sew across the top on your machine.  I had no problem sewing right over the pipe cleaner on my machine – I even back stitched over it a few times to make it extra secure.  It’s scary at first, but it worked just fine!

Step Thirteen:
Hand sew the ears to the top with embroidery floss. And you’re done!

The bone pocket is a great place for kids to keep their treasures!
If you’re making your robot dog for a little one, you can replace the buttons with felt versions and omit the antenna.
If you make your own Robot Dog, please send me a picture.  I’d love to share it on my Quilted Cupcake blog.

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