What I love about Australia

Just arrived home and I wanted to share what I love about Australia.

Love the Sydney Opera House.


Love Australians

So many friendly nice people

Love the Sydney Ballet

Meet Helen, we met her the first hour we arrived and she gave us a ticket to the Sydney Ballet. Helen saw us walking to buy tickets for a tour at the Sydney Opera house and she happened to have an extra ticket for the ballet and asked us if we would like to use it.  I bought myself a ticket and Riley and I were able to enjoy the ballet with her at the Sydney Opera House….Magical.DSC02153_JPG_600x600_q85

Love the Royal Botanical gardens by the Opera house.


Love this lavender (leaf) tree, called a Jacaranda tree.  It flowers only in November…sooo great we got to see it.


Love the arts and craft fair at The Rocks. Handmade crafts are alive and well in Australia.


Love this vendor, Ruby and Crickette. (What a nice surprise to see our fabrics used at this market)

Debbie, owner of Ruby and Crickette, uses our laminates to make beautiful baby bibs and smocks.


After Sydney, we took a detour to Cairns in Eastern Australia.  You can reach the Great Barrier Reef from Cairns.

Love the Great Barrier Reef.

This was on my bucket list to see.  Absolutely incredible!!!

I saw 2 giant clams, which were about four feet long. So many different kinds of beautiful coral and fish, and a 4-5 foot long reef shark.


Love the Daintree Rainforest and our Aboriginal guide. It was very interesting to peek inside a world I knew very little about.



On to Melbourne…

Loved talking a little about Riley Blake Designs at the Australian Quilt Market.


Love our team.

Riley, Cori, Sue and Shannon


Loved how the booth turned out.


Love these girls from Voodoo Rabbit (click here to visit their shop)….they have bought Riley Blake Designs fabric before and they were taken by the glasses in Geekly Chic. I bet you can see why.


Check out this gentleman…he looks like the Queen Elizabeth’s husband, Prince Phillip. I always wanted to meet someone from the Royal Family. He runs quilt market, and does a really nice job.


Loved making new friends, this is Clare and her husband, Sam… and Clare has been making quilts out of our fabrics for quit a while.  She even had a quilt made out of our original All Star fabric line.


More quilts by Clare feature below, Click here to view website.


We were busy the entire 2 days.


You can see 2 quilts in the corner made out of Prairie Rose, Sue’s new fabric range. It was a hit in Melbourne.


Love all the people that stopped by.


Click here if you want to get connected with Riley Blake Designs fabric in Australia.

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