laminate table runner tutorial

Laminate Table Runner Tutorial!

Hello, everyone! I am Denise Russell (, and I am so excited to share this tutorial with you!

Guess how I am getting ready for the Winter Season! By making colorful items for my house, so when the days turn grey I can focus on the colors all around me. My newest item is a bright table runner using Riley Blake Laminates. I love them as they are beautiful and very practical, and I don’t have to worry that my boys will ruin my work, as laminate can be easily wiped clean!

Get ready for a detailed tutorial of my newest creation!

laminate table runner1

Isn’t it fun? Here is what you will need:

laminate table runner2

1/2 yard focus laminate for blocks

1/2 yard contrasting laminate for sashing (generous amount)

1 yard laminate for backing

Batting (14″ x 56.5″ approx.)

Walking foot or teflon foot for sewing machine

Rotary cutter, cutting mat, basic sewing supplies

laminate table runner3

Cut blocks 9.5″ x12.5″ from your focus fabric.

laminate table runner4

Cut sashing rectangles, 3.5″ x 12.5″.

laminate table runner5

Cut a rectangle from backing which measures 17.5″ x 56.5″ (you will need to piece this). The backing will be longer and wider then the pieced front of the table runner, as it will also be the border of the runner!

Sew sashings to blocks, so that you end up with a strip that looks like this:

laminate table runner7

Piece the backing…

laminate table runner8

You will notice that the backing is longer than the front of the table runner. In order for you to have same amount of backing left on both short ends of the table runner, fold backing in half and do same for front. With right sides facing, clip them together (do not use pins as they will leave holes on the laminate), as follows:

laminate table runner9

laminate table runner10

Now, when you unfold them, right sides are together and you should have ‘roughly’ (this is not science!) the same amount of backing sticking out both ends of the table runner.

laminate table runner11

Sew front and back together: be sure seams are facing the same direction when you sew the sides of the runner. After you sew one side, match remaining long side of front and back…

laminate table runner12

… by measuring the amount of backing on the side you just sewed…

laminate table runner13

… and making sure you start sewing at the same place on the other side. Here is what it should look like when you are done:

laminate table runner14

Since the backing is wider than the front, the back will double as a border, remember? Now, time to insert batting into the tube.

laminate table runner15

Insert the batting into tube, making sure it is flat and centered (backing border will measure 1 1/4″ on both sides of runner, and batting will stick out of top of runner longer, but trim it to 1 1/4″ on ends).

laminate table runner15

Fold backing in 1/4″ on both ends…

laminate table runner16

…then fold it again over the sashing, making sure this end border measures 1 1/4″.

laminate table runner17

Clip it in place. Now, you are ready to quilt the table runner!

laminate table runner18

I chose to STID (stitch in the ditch) all around the runner and sashing. For the runner ends…

laminate table runner19

… top stitch to close them, then continue top stitching the edges of the runner, so the border will lay flat.

laminate table runner20

I used a longer stitch for top stitching (3.0 on my Bernina), and decided not to quilt over the blocks (did that on my next project using these laminates, which I think you will love!)

laminate table runner21

This is what the back looks like after quilting. Cool, huh!

I love the bright and cheerful colors of this Riley Blake line, and I happened to have pottery that matched! Yes!

laminate table runner22

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