Project Design Team Wednesday~Coloring Book Caddies

Today Becky from The Crafting Chicks is sharing a darling Coloring Book Caddie … Wouldn’t these be great for Christmas gifts?


I don’t know about you, but my girls LOVE to color. They can stay busy for hours coloring. Yes, it’s a mothers dream…them doing something creative and productive while I can sip a Diet Coke and eat bon bons. Ha, yeah right! But they really will sit and color so I decided to help this flow of creativty by making them these cute Coloring Book Caddies!


Now I planned on mocking up a pattern and all, but while I was on Pinterest, (you can follow me here if you’d like), I found this fabulous tutorial from Splendor Falls and just tweaked it a bit. So please head over there for the full instructions.


First off let’s take a moment to swoon over this amazing fabric! Ah! Isn’t it the cutest?!? I just love it. It is all laminated fabric from Riley Blake. They have the most amazingly cute fabric. It totally makes these caddies super duper cute, I think! I decided to use the laminated fabric so that the caddies could be more durable. It was a little different to work with, but not too far from using a regular old cotton fabric.


I followed all the directions from Splendor Falls, but wanted to add pockets on the front of the caddies so my girls could carry scissors, stickers, or whatever else. My second daughters says it’s for her car. Whatever right!


I just love how the crayon pocket is right there easy for them to grab. These slots are 1.5″ so you can almost fit 2 crayons per pocket or even those chunky crayons. Too fun!



And it’s a hit! She was toting it all around the house so she could color various places. It was so fun to watch her. This is one of those projects that was worth all the time and effort! Let me know if you make one too!

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