It is with a grateful heart that tomorrow we donate $21,800  to Autism Speaks and the Carmen B. Pingree Center for Autism ($1,800 is from our friend Billy Alper- Thanks Billy!)

Your purchases from Pieces of Hope fabric line have generated this donation.

I have a nephew with Autism.  He is sweet, curious, smart, but does not speak.  We try and connect with him and see into his world.


My sister in law, Jenna had an idea over a year ago.  She suggested that Riley Blake Designs create a fabric line that would benefit Autism.  Having a son with Autism herself, she knows how difficult it is to raise a child with this challenge.  No two children with Autism are the same, so care has to be specialized for each child. Each parent wants to provide the very best for their child, but funds are limited. They need help and we all want answers.

From this idea, our Pieces of Hope fabric collection was created.  It has been very successful.  I think in part because it has bright colors and fun designs, but I also think people wanted to support Autism. Whatever the reason THANK YOU for your support.

We know they will use these funds wisely. Autism Speaks is a fantastic organization that helps fund research and education. Carmen B. Pingree is a great resource to the Autistic community and works directly with children.

Again, we thank you and ask you to please share what projects you have made from this fabric.

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