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Project Design Team Wednesday ~ Rolie Polie Raggedy Skirt

Rolie Polie Raggedy Skirt Tutorial
Skirts are the easiest thing to design and sew.  If ever I want to boost my sewing confidence I make a skirt.  That is how this tutorial for the Rolie Polie Raggedy Skirt came to be…I needed a confidence booster. :)

I love the edges of the rolie polie strips.  They are pinked and will not fray to badly, but will look really cool and country if sewn like a rag quilt.  So I sewed the edges outward and it turned out so cute.  Make sure to pin it to your “Sew Easy” boards.  This is a simple and fun skirt that you can make in an hour (unless you have young children).

Rolie Polie Raggedy Skirt Tutorial 1

Supply List:
Riley Blake Designs PARIS & COMPANY Rolie Polie
old jeans cut just below the pockets
other sewing essentials (thread, scissors, machine, etc.)

Rolie Polie Raggedy Skirt Tutorial 2

Pick out 8 strips and cut them into 9 inch strips.

Rolie Polie Raggedy Skirt Tutorial 3

Measure how long you want the skirt and cut the strips accordingly.  My little one is 4 years old and I wanted the skirt to hit just below her knee so I cut my strips to be 9 inches.
Put the strips in the order you want to sew them.  Create a nice little stack.

Rolie Polie Raggedy Skirt Tutorial 4

Grab your first two strips and with wrong sides together sew a 1/4” seam.

Rolie Polie Raggedy Skirt Tutorial 5

Press the seams open when you have them all sewn together.  Sew the front strip to the back strip creating a circle {your skirt}.

Rolie Polie Raggedy Skirt Tutorial 6

Now create the gathering in the skirt.  There a number of ways to do this, but I like to sew two basting stitches and pull the strings to create a gather. Then sew a normal stitch in between the two basting stitches to secure your gather.  There is an in depth tutorial at Ucreate taught by Nancy’s Couture.

Rolie Polie Raggedy Skirt Tutorial 7

Next, zigzag stitch the bottom to avoid fraying when you wash the skirt. Turn it under 1/4” and press with iron.  Hem the bottom.

Rolie Polie Raggedy Skirt Tutorial 8

With the skirt piece wrong side out, place the jeans inside matching the top of the skirt with the bottom of the jeans.  Pin in place and zigzag stitch or serge them together.

Rolie Polie Raggedy Skirt Tutorial 9

Turn the whole thing right side out and top stitch over the gathering.  This will secure the skirt piece better and make it lay really nice and pretty.  Put it on your model and enjoy!
My little Ellie loves it!

Rolie Polie Raggedy Skirt Tutorial 10

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