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Project Design Team Wednesday ~ Girl’s Apron

Hi Everyone – I’m Mandy and I blog at – I am super excited to be part of the Riley Blake Design Team!  Today I am bringing you a fun tutorial for a girl’s apron – this is a perfect project for a beginner sewer who wants to push themselves just a little.

So cute, right?!  I love aprons because they can really showcase awesome fabrics.  The fabrics I used for these aprons are from the new line at Riley Blake, Splendor.

Let’s jump right in to the tutorial.  My girls are 7 and 9 years old, and this apron fit both of them.

You’ll need:
–1/2 yard main fabric
–1/2 yard trim fabric
–basic sewing supplies (scissors, sewing machine, thread, etc)

You’ll first need to cut the following pieces:

bottom skirt panel, 18x12in
top bib panel, 10x6in

waistband, 18x3in (cut 2)
top trim, 10x2in (cut 2)
bottom ruffle, 30x4in
ties, 20×2.5in (cut 4)

Cutting everything out is half the battle!  Now let’s prep the pieces – – for the waistband and top trim, iron under 3 sides, leaving one long side flat (see picture below for clarification). Set aside.

Sew each tie into a tub, with one seam on the long side, sewing it right sides together.  Then turn the tubes right-side out.  I love using a turning tool.  Finish one end buy turning it under and sewing into place.  Set aside.

Ruffle: use a narrow hem and hem the bottom edge and sides of the ruffle.  Then ruffle the top edge, using a long stitch and creating the ruffle by pulling one of the threads.  Match the length of the ruffle to the skirt panel piece.  Set aside.

Using a narrow hem, hem the side seams of the skirt panel and bib panel pieces. Set aside.

Now that everything’s been prepared, let’s jump in to assembly!

First – attach the ruffle.  Lining up raw seams, sew the ruffle to the bottom of the skirt panel:

 Iron it down and topstitch to finish the trim and hold the ruffle flat in place:

Waistband – make a sandwich with the two waistband pieces and the top of the skirt panel, with raw edges matched up, as shown:

 Sew along that raw edge then press the two waistband pieces up.

 Topstitch along that seam:

 Now slide the bottom of the bib panel into the top of the waistband sandwich – that edge on the waistband should already be turned under.  Topstitch along that entire edge:

 This will ensure that the seams are encased on both the right-side and the back-side of the apron:

Repeat that method with the top trim.  When it’s time to sew the topstitch along the top edge, insert a tie on each end at a slight slant.  Sew up the ends of the top trim as well.

The ends of the waistband should still be open.  Insert a tie near the top:

 Then fold it down to create a pleat at the end of the waistband. Topstitch into place. Repeat on other side.

 Finished waistband:

That’s it!!  Stand back and enjoy your project!  Since the waist and neck are ties, it can adjust to fit a variety of sizes.

If you love aprons and want an adult version, I have a tutorial for that on my blog:

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