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Project Design Team Wednesday ~ Little Camper Water Bottle Holder

Little Camper Water bottle holder - tutorial by Melly Sews Hey y’all, I’m glad to be back on the Riley Blake blog today, sharing this Little Camper Water Bottle Holder. It’s hard to believe, but this guy now camps at the same camp I worked at every summer through college and beyond.Make sure your camper always has their water bottle with this tutorial from Melly Sews So one thing I remember from working outdoors in the Central Texas heat and humidity every day was how important it is to drink lots of water. We counselors took our kids by the water fountains constantly, but one of the suggested things to bring to camp is a water bottle. And I know my son – if it’s not attached to him, he’s going to forget it. Heck, even with this holder I’m only giving his water bottle a 50/50 chance of making it home on day 1 of camp. But I’m hoping the Speedster fabric that he likes will help him remember. Want to make your own? It’s pretty easy. You’ll need:

  • Two rectangles for the straps. I used 33″ x 3″ wide rectangles; for a taller kid you’ll want to make these longer.
  • Fusible fleece for the strap, the same length as the strap but one inch narrower
  • Two rectangle pieces that are the circumference of the water bottle + 1 1/2 inch wide by the height of the water bottle minus 1/2 inch tall. My pieces for this water bottle ended up being 7 1/2 inches wide by 6 1/2 inches tall
  • Two circles that are the same as the bottom of the water bottle plus seam allowance
  • Interfacing for the circle pieces

Tip – if you hold a kids washable marker against your bottle to trace the circles, you’ll automatically add a seam allowance. Tip for tracing circles to sew - use a fat marker to automatically add a seam allowance Start by fusing the fleece down the middle of the wrong side of one strap, and the interfacing to the backs of the circles. Step 1 - Water bottle holder - tutorial by Melly Sews Fold your side pieces right sides together, lining up the ends. Place your strap pieces right sides together. Sew down the side and strap pieces as shown using a 1/2″ seam allowance. Step 2 - Water bottle holder - tutorial by Melly Sews Turn the strap right side out. Press. Step 3 - Water bottle holder - tutorial by Melly Sews Sew a few straight lines down the strap to keep the fleece from shifting. Step 4 -Water bottle holder - tutorial by Melly Sews Pin your circles to the bottom of the tubes you made out of the side pieces. Stitch. Step 6 - Water bottle holder - tutorial by Melly Sews Clip around the seam to the stitching line about every 1/2 inch or so. Step 7 - Water bottle holder - tutorial by Melly Sews Turn one of the tubes right side out. On both tubes turn the raw edge of fabric 1/2″ to the wrong side and press. Step 8 -Water bottle holder - tutorial by Melly Sews Place one tube inside the other, wrong sides together and matching up the seam. Sandwich the strap between the two tubes, then sew around the top to secure the strap and enclose all raw edges. Step 9 - Water bottle holder - tutorial by Melly Sews And then let your camper go crazy! This is perfect for hiking (so you don’t have to carry the water bottle) Water bottle shoulder strap - tutorial by Melly Sews And they don’t even need to take it out of the holder to drink. Drink without taking the bottle from the holder - Melly Sews water-bottle-holder-18 You can even share with your little brother. Share your water bottle with your brother - Melly Sews Thanks for having me here!

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