Project Design Team Wednesday ~ Coconut Summer Pajama Set


Hello Riley Blake readers! Melissa from Sew Like My Mom again, back with another free pattern!


My kids are pajama lovers! They love to hang around in them all day, and the second we walk back in the door, they’re searching for more jammies to put on for the rest of the day! So when I asked who wanted new pajamas, all hands immediately shot into the air!


And they haven’t taken them off yet! Luckily they go together quick and easy so I know I’ll be sewing lots more pairs in my future!

IMG_7532-copy IMG_7570-copy IMG_7487-copy

Don’t they look so happy and comfortable?! Are you ready to make your own?
CLICK HERE to download the pattern pieces!
Place your shirt front and back pieces together with right sides facing. Finish the seams as desired and press to the back of the shirt.


Take the neckband piece and fold it in half lengthwise with wrong sides together and press. Open it and fold right sides together matching the short ends. Sew the short sides together with 1/4” seam allowance and press the seam to one side. Fold along your press line and press well.


Place pins in the center back and front of the short, and on the neck markings from the front pattern piece. Find the quarters of the neckband piece and pin there as well.


Pin the neckband to the neck of the shirt, placing raw edges together and matching pins at the 4 quarters.


Carefully stretch the neckband and sew to the shirt. Finish the seam as desired. Press the seam towards the shirt.


Place the right sides of your shirt together to sew the side seams. Finish the seams as desired and press them well.


Take your arm band pieces and prepare them the same way you did the neck. Match the raw edges of the band with the raw edge of the armscye and pin. Sew and finish the seam as desired.


Press the bottom hem up 1/2” and sew, using two rows of stitching if desired.


Place your legs together right sides together. Sew the front and back rise, serge or finish the edges if desired. If you’re not going to serge, sew a secondary seam for extra support.


Open the legs, match the inseams, and sew. Serge the seam to finish. If you’re not going to serge, sew a secondary seam for support.


Sew the leg bands together in the same manner as the neck and arm bands above. Place pins at the 4 quarters of the leg and the bands and matching raw edges, match pins and sew the bands on the shorts. Finish the seams as desired and press them towards the shorts.


Stretch your elastic to loosen it up and make it softer in the waistband before you cut it. Overlap your elastic 1/4” and sew in place.


Find the 4 quarters of your elastic and the middle front, back, and left and right sides at the waistband and mark with pins. Match the pins and pin the elastic to the top of the shorts, matching the top of the elastic with the top raw edge, inside the shorts.


Serge or zigzag the elastic to the waist, stretching the elastic carefully as you sew.


Flip the elastic down and sew along the bottom edge twice with a stretch stitch, stretching where necessary to keep the waistband even.


Have the sweetest dreams in your new Coconut Summer Pajama Set!


Hope you enjoy! Please visit my etsy shop for more patterns, or find me on Instagram!


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