School Pride Free Quilt Pattern

10 Back-to-School Ideas We LOVE!

10 Back-to-School Ideas We Love!

It’s that time of year again. No, we’re not talking football. We’re talking back-to-school, which means getting back to real schedules, checking off lists of school supplies, new shoes,┬ádays of anxiously waiting classroom assignments, and maybe fresh haircuts if we’re really on point. Back to school means mixed emotions. It’s a fresh beginning and we’re happy. Our kids are growing up too fast, and we’re sad. We hate it. We love it. We dread it. We celebrate it. Well, in the spirit of celebrating and loving it, we have 10 back to school ideas that we really LOVE and we think you will, too!

30 Minute Elastic Waist School Spirit Skirt Tutorial

1. School sports and spirit days are an integral part of any school experience. What better way to show one’s school spirit then with this super easy School Spirit Skirt? Whip up several of these and you’ll have a spirit squad that can’t be stopped! Click HERE for the tutorial.

Back to School Freezer Smoothie Packs

2. If your house is anything like ours, mornings are hectic as everyone is rushing off to school and work, not to mention we are almost always running late. These make-ahead freezer smoothie packs are a brilliant answer for a healthy breakfast on the run. Throw a pack in the blender and voila! Breakfast is served! Click HERE for several delicious kid-friendly recipes.

Back-to-School Make-in-Minutes iPad Sleeve

3. We LOVE this quick and easy iPad sleeve tutorial that can be easily adapted for a computer or other electronic device. As the use of technology in schools has become more widespread, parents are having to deal with the expensive problem of electronics getting crushed, bumped, and damaged in kids’ backpacks. This little quilted cotton sleeve is easy to make and definitely passes the “cool kid” test. Click HERE for the tutorial.

Back-to-School ideas: Friendship Bracelet Tutorial

4. Speaking of “cool,” who would have guessed that friendship bracelets would make their way back to the cool list? This is one campy 80’s fad I’m happy to see making a comeback. Getting boys and girls off their electronics and making things with their hands is always a good thing. This tutorial will give kids the basic know-how to learn this easy craft. Once they tackle this design, they’ll discover countless other free designs out there to try. Click HERE for this simple stripey bracelet tutorial.

10 Minute Dorm Room Wall Hanging

5. Back-to-School, for many students, means heading off to college, and we know that making those cinderblock dorm walls feel homey can certainly be a challenge. We LOVE the idea of hanging a simple fabric panel for a gorgeous, warm tapestry effect. This tutorial is so simple that if you can sew a straight line, you can do this! Click HERE for more info.

Back-to-School Pencil Case Tutorial

6. Storing and hauling around school supplies and other necessities is a must for any student, so why not make it enjoyable with these super cute and easy to make see-through zipper pouches? Click HERE to find out more about this free tutorial.

Back-to-School Ideas: Emergency Kit for lockers, dorms and teacher gifts

7. Well, we think this idea is pure genius! Perfect for lockers, dorm rooms and teacher gifts, this little emergency kit is definitely at the top of our school supply list! Pick a container and fill it with all of those little necessities to make life just a little easier for students and teachers alike. Click HERE for more info.

20 Minute Knit Circle Skirt

8. Have a skirt lover in the family? This 20 Minute Knit Circle Skirt is easy to make and so cute and comfy, they easily become a wardrobe staple for the girl who loves to twirl. The soft, stretchy jersey knit will take your child from classroom to playground without missing a beat. Click HERE for the free tutorial.

Back-to-School Student Binder Printable

9. Staying organized is key to a successful school year and this cute Student Binder Printable looks like just the thing for keeping students from middle school through college in ship shape. There is nothing worse than getting home and realizing you forgot to write down that important history assignment, or arriving in class only to find there was a test you forgot to study for. With everything written down in one place, your student will stay on track and keep on top of his/her busy schedule. Click HERE to find out more.

10 Back-to-School Ideas We Love!

10. Finally, how better to show your school spirit than with this fabulous FREE quilt pattern? Whip this up and take it to sporting events, especially useful when we start to feel that crisp chill in the air each fall. This quilt would be perfect for a college dorm or for a school raffle item. Riley Blake basics come in a wide variety of school colors, and can be found at your local or online quilt shops. Click HERE for the free quilt pattern.

We hope you find this list helpful as you begin gearing up for another wonderful school year. Let us know what you think! You can find more fun Back-to-School ideas on our Riley Blake Designs Back-to-School Pinterest page HERE.

Happy Sewing!