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General Product Information

Are there specific washing instructions to avoid shrinkage?

Machine wash cold. No chlorine bleach. Tumble dry low. Remove promptly.

Is your wool felted?

No, the wool is not felted.

Where is the fabric manufactured?

The majority of fabrics are produced in South Korea. All of our products are held to a quality standard as well as their facilities. We outsource our manufacturing and production to facilities that operate under strict ethical standards.

What are your overseas factory standards?

We are proud to outsource our manufacturing and production to facilities that operate under strict ethical standards; this is a subject we take very seriously!

Every year our production facilities undergo a rigorous manufacturing and production audit as well as an Ethical Standards Audit. These audits cover everything from child labor standards to living facilities. If you are interested, you can look up the details of these audits online (they are ICTI-CARE, BSCI, WRAP, SMETA and SA8000).

In addition, we further comply with the strict audit requirements of our licensee Crayola who bars certain countries with unethical standards from producing our fabrics. Some details of the these guidelines include not employing any underage children, ensuring employees have a safe and healthy workplace in compliance with all applicable laws, making sure that all employment is voluntary and that all applicable wage and hours laws are followed (including overtime pay, maximum hours, etc.).

We also ensure that the hiring process is free of discrimination on the grounds of race, gender, religion, disability, or sexual preference and that all environmental laws, regulations, and industry standards are followed.

Riley Blake Information

What is the difference between a designer collection and RBD basics?

Designer collections are designed by our contracted designers. Each collection is sold for a limited time and then discontinued. Our designer collections consist of 18 to 21 SKUs; 5 to 7 of these will be different prints, with offerings in varying colorways.

RBD Basics are a single print offered in many different colors and are available to reorder any time! These are prints and colors coordinate well with all of our collections!

Why do I need to pre-order fabric?

We pre-order our fabric lines to meet our customer’s demand. This helps us control our inventory and make sure to fulfill all of our customers needs. When you pre-order fabric lines, we can better ensure we order enough to meet needs, allow for some reorders, and prevent us from over ordering.

Do I have permission to use and share Riley Blake’s photos to promote your products in my shop or store?

We are thrilled to have our customers -- and end users -- use and share our images. When posting, please make sure you tag us -- #rileyblakedesigns -- as well as the collection/designer which varies by line.

Can I use RBD fabric to make items and then sell them?

Yes! We hope our fabrics inspire you to make quilts, apparel, home decor and other finished goods to keep, use as gifts or to sell. If possible when selling items, please use our name or hashtag -- #rileyblakedesigns. Thank you and we wish you luck!

How often are new basics released?

New RBD Basics are introduced annually. On occasion, we find a need that is lacking in the market or our lines, and we will add new basics accordingly! New colors are added to existing RBD Basics on a regular basis. Make sure you are checking our catalogs to see the new colors and prints available!

How often are new designer collections released?

We release six new designer collections each month. On average, each designer will release two new collections per year! That is a lot of new prints and projects, so make sure to visit our website often to see what is new.

Will I need to order through my sales rep, or can I order directly from the website?

We want to make ordering as easy as possible for you! If you have the inkling to order at midnight, we suggest ordering online instead of calling your rep! Our goal is to help your business have all the tools at the ready. All orders will get processed the same way!

What is the shipping policy?

All shipping costs will vary based on weight and location. But we know you really want to know, how do I qualify for free shipping! Domestic orders with the value of $750+ will receive free shipping.

International accounts can arrange shipping via UPS or with the freight forwarder of your choice.

What is the minimum order?

The minimum value for each order must be $150. The minimum order value annually for each account is $1,000.

If I live locally is there a better solution than paying for shipping?

If you live locally and your order doesn’t meet the $750 free shipping, we do provide you the chance to pick up your orders at Will-Call. We do ask that you place your orders 2 to 3 business days prior to your desired pickup date to allow us to pull your order.

We also have our Walk-In shopping area where you can come pull some of our inventory to fulfill the same day.

What are the hours and protocol for picking up at the Walk-In area of the warehouse?

Walk-In hours are Monday to Friday, 10 AM to 4 PM.

Our Walk-In is provided to only our current, approved wholesale accounts. Purchases are to be for resale -- not for personal use or a benefit extended to family and friends. Thank you for adhering to this policy and supporting each other as business owners!

Please note that the Walk-In shop is NOT childproof. If circumstances prevent you from shopping child-free, please ensure your children remain with you always. Our concern is only for their safety.

How do I access the FTP server?

To gain access to the approved images, request permission and the documentation from a sales rep or from our customer care team. Upon approval, a document will be sent to you with instructions.

How can I sign-up for your newsletter?

You can sign up for our newsletter here:

https://www.rileyblakedesigns.com/ -- in the footer

https://blog.rileyblakedesigns.com/ -- in the header

How can I watch your videos?

You can watch our videos here:

Is Riley Blake Designs philanthropic?

We donate a variety of fabrics to help organizations make clothing, quilts and other items for those in need. Some are those organizations are:

LDS Humanitarian Center

Primary Children's Hospital (Festival of Trees)

Launfal Foundation

Days for Girls